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Hey !. I am Mandisa

 I am so glad you stopped by. If you hang with me long enough you will soon learn that I am passionate about wellness entrepreneurs finding success and prosperity in their businesses. We have bought into the narrative that this ( enter your profession) field doesn’t pay, and that we shouldn’t profit while providing a service. I strongly disagree. We can’t pour from an empty cup. 


My (quick) story: I was born and raised in Chicago, IL . I went to Fisk University for the radio station but was afraid to pursue a career in radio/music because I received messages that I needed something secure. Therefore I was subjected to many difficult and sometimes abusive jobs because I didn’t know my worth. Because of this limited thinking, I did not walk in my purpose. I was laid off from a job and desperately needed to find another. I couldn’t sleep a “somehow” Wayne Dyer’s PBS special “Power of Intention”came on and it change the trajectory of my life. 


I am now founder of Ashe Counseling & Coaching LLC a thriving 7 figure private practice headquartered in Chicago with locations in Texas and Louisiana.

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