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What took me so long...

I have been wanting to launch this program, blog and podcast forever. I would like to say that it took me a while because I was busy building Ashe Counseling, being a mom and wife, surviving the pandemic etc.

TBH, it was perfectionism rearing its ugly head. I wanted to lose weight first, get nicer pictures, come up with a name for the blog, website updated…yada yada yada. These were all excuses and I know it. If I looked past the excuses I didn’t feel I was good enough. I took many courses, joined groups, masterminds, and paid for consultations. But it all just didn’t resonate with me. I thought I had to be like these “coaches”. I still don’t get what funnels or offers are.

What made me pull the trigger…

I interviewed a promising candidate for Ashe Counseling and noticed that they previously worked a local private practice ran by a woman of color. They only stayed at that private practice for a few months. Of course we asked about this experience. The candidate cautiously explained that it was issues with payroll. I immediately felt terrible for the practice owner. I have seen this many times in private practice where owners start businesses but not having the tools to run a prosperous business. So that is the point of all of this. My purpose is to educate and inspire wellness entrepreneurs to build successful practices.

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